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Istratour tasting with prosciutto, olive oil and wine.


Grožnjan – “city of artists”, ancient town in north-western Istria, fifteen kilometers away from sea, which is proud of its rich historical and cultural heritage, natural beauty and environment, all of which improved by the art. Numerous cultural and historical monuments today are the stage of cultural and artistic events: concerts of classical music, jazz festival, painting event, “Ex tempore”, numerous exhibitions … After that, we arrive in

Motovun… This medieval town, situated on a hill and enclosed by walls will surely impress you. Fromit extends the view of vineyards, beautiful Motovun forest, beautiful landscapes.

Tasting of prosciutto in Savudrija …Its prestigious place among the gourmets the Istrian prosciutto thanks primaril to the very strict respect for traditional rules: the breeding of pigs, through special processing of pork leg, until the drying and unique spice combinations, which gives it a distinctive flavor … Because of his royal status Istrians also called it vijulin (violin), and thus can be described the manner of cutting ham – cut in long, gentle motion – such as when playing the violin. Served with goat cheese, olives and freshly baked bread you will captivated by its scent. We will present prosciutto, ombolo, bacon, rolled bacon, salami and neck. You will refresh with a glass of good local Malvasia and hear about the typical characteristics the Istrian ham products, as well as an explanation of the technological process.

Olive oil and istrian wine. … Olive Oil – nothing comes close to it, it is simply incomparable: the symbol of the Mediterranean, health and the gastronomic pleasure. Its somewhat bitter, exceptional flavor is spice of the best dishes. It has the most valuable fat in the human diet. It is a remedy of body care, medicine for various ailments, and according to many – an elixir of life…

Istrian wines: Malvasia white, black and sweet muscat teran: centuries of tradition, excellent experience. During our trip, you will taste excellent local brandy: medovača; ruda, Orahovac… Next is Malvasia tasting with a snack with cheese. After that the wine Teran with local ham, and the end sweet muscat with excellent homemade sweets: fritters. Tasting can not pass without great olive oil, as well as explaining the production od it.



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