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Fažana Croatia – holidays in Fažana


Fažana is a tourist center and harbor not far from the ancient city of Pula with about 3 000 inhabitants. The village lies on the western coast of Istria, protected from unfavourable winds through the protected Briuni Islands. The beautiful beaches of the place are popular with families with children and visitors of the holiday like a Mediterranaen flair in a small town surrounded by orchards and vineyards. In written offices for the first time Fažana is mentioned in the middle of the XII. Century as a witness of long history of this setllement (now the town Fažana) are various relics of ancient villas and estates.

1. National park Brijuni – The Brijuni archipelago comprises a group of two larger and twelve smaller islands lying along the west coast of Istria, not far from Pula. Total land area of 7 km2, the islands of Brijuni are famed for their well preserved Mediterranean flora and safari park where wild animals live peacefully such as deer, pheasants, peacocks, mouflon and zebras.

2. Small fishing academy Pilchard – The event which is held throughout the year, where tourists and local residents in the School of salting pilchard can learn all about the pilchard, pilchard salting and preparing the various meals from pilchard.

3. Search for the lost treasure – The search for lost treasure of Fazana is intended for children. In the Tourist Board of Fažana you will get the map that takes you to search for lost treasure and exploring all the cultural, historical and natural sights of Fažana.


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