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Istria is one of the most beautiful regions of Croatia. It is the largest peninsula on the Adriatic coast. By the way, it is not only a center of tourism, entertainment, sports, sun and warm sea, but also a place where an atmosphere of historical and architectural traditions reigns, making you go back to the era of the Roman Empire. This spirit can be especially felt in the most beautiful cities of Rovinj,PorecUmag,Rabac,Opatija.



On the magnificent coast of Istria (Croatia), right below the Lim Fjord, is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean! The town of Rovinj is the right destination for all of you seeking a sentimental atmosphere of the times that have forever gone by. In the Mediterranean, you can find it here, in the town that has begun its romantic life on an island, its restricted area resulting in crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism. On the seaside, the town is protected by a high rocky shore and house walls built on cliffs, while the mainland side is protected by solid walls. The town is dominated by the baroque St. Euphemia’s Church, its 60-meter tower providing a view of grey and red rooftops and chimneys, streets and squares, the port and pier with ships and boats, and the marina harboring yachts.

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Poreč’s richness is measured by its historical heritage, deeply rooted in this area for thousands of years. The priceless city centre, located on a small peninsula submerged in the sea. Its foundations were put in place during the time of the rule of the Roman Empire. From then until now the symmetrical geometric layout of the streets has been preserved, the along the length of Decumanus and transverse Cardo Street.



Umag-Umago, small town and port on the north-western coast of Istria, presents ‘Croatia’s gateway to Europe’. It also has the reputation of the Istrian sports centre, since as the host of the ATP tournament for many years now, it attracts numerous top world tennis players.

Its beneficial features were already recognized by the Romans who turned it into their summer residence. The magnificence and splendour of those times today is reflected in the many Venetian houses in the old part of Umag-Umago.



Rabac is a small town, port, and tourist center located on southeast coast of Istria and only 5 km from Labin.During the sixties and seventies Rabac started to develop thanks to investments in tourism, especially hotels, and apartments. Today Rabac is known as the pearl of the Kvarner Bay and can accommodate a large number of tourists in hotels, apartments and aparthotels. Rabac offers a wide variety of sport activities, boat excursions and other recreational facilities. The town also has a fine gastronomic offer, beautiful beaches and is a destination of choice for families.



Opatija in its turn is a unique combination of a healthy climate, natural resources and cultural traditions. Many hotels are located in historical buildings of the XIX century, offering all modern facilities for rest and treatment by delivering a true pleasure to the lovers of retro style. The city constantly hosts opera and concert evenings, film festivals and sporting events.


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